After dealing with repairs and refills for some time, it may be best to consider a dental implant as a solution to your dental problem. There are several dental implant services that you can get to solve dental problems. These vary from replacing fallen teeth to full mouth reconstructive surgeries. Here are some of the dental implants services offers.

Single Tooth Implant
For one reason or the other, you may be missing a tooth. To replace the tooth, you may consider a single implant and crown. This procedure involves replacing a single tooth without having to sacrifice a neighboring tooth. Once the procedure is completed, the implant is left to heal, giving the bone time to firmly fix itself on the implant made by best dental implants Mississauga. Once the connection, abutment, is stable, the crown is then fitted to the implant.

Implant Bridge
These services if mostly offered to patients missing more than one tooth. The procedure involves placing multiple posts in the areas where the teeth are missing, either on the upper or lower jaw. Once the posts are in place, the dentist then attaches a grouping of teeth, also referred to as a bridge to the posts. This is done by cementing each tooth to the post’s abutment. This is a good way of re-introducing a lost smile.

Implant Supported Overdenture
In some cases, one may find themselves missing all their teeth. This may be a result of an accident, age, or dental disorder. An implant-supported Overdenture is one of the best options for people without teeth and is preferably the best option over removable dentures.

An implant-supported overdenture provides stability compared to dentures while giving you the ability to chew and speak easily. These implants are placed together with the overdenture; 3-4 months later, you can then return to have the dentures fitted into place. Following instructions, you can remove the dentures for cleaning.

Full Mouth Reconstruction
A full mouth reconstruction procedure is an intricate procedure that may require the services of an orthodontist as well as a Cosmetic Best Dentist Mississauga. This procedure involves replacing the upper or lower jaw using a fixed or removable full-arch restoration. A full mouth reconstruction often involves the use of multiple implants through the arch using multiple crowns and bridges.

This procedure is often undertaken by accident victims or people with dental disorders looking to correct a deformity. However, in some cases, people use it to alter how they look, hence the series of Cosmetic Dentists Mississauga.